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Fired Starcraft 2 pro Idra quits competitive play

Last week we reported that a player from the Starcraft 2 team run by Evil Geniuses, Greg “Idra” Fields, had been fired after ranting on a forum about how he thought fans were “f***s” and that he got paid to treat them like it. Now, he's announced that he'll be ending his professional gaming career.

The announcement came during an episode of Real Talk in an interview with JP McDaniel, where Fields said: “It's jut got to the point where competition isn't enjoyable for me anymore,” so he is, “not going to continue as a competitive player.” He goes on to say that really, he was never a big fan of Starcraft 2, but he enjoyed beating people. Since he hasn't been winning as much recently, his interest has waned and combined with the fact that he considers “the competition itself is not as interesting, challenging or satisfying,” he's instead going to look at a career of content production and streaming.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUf2tRAwMcY&t=19m0s']

According to the above video, this was something that was in the works before his firing anyway, but will definitely go ahead now that he has been ejected from the EG pro team.

Fields also offered an explanation/apology of/for his actions, suggesting that he wasn't targeting fans, only those that pretend to be fans, but are more interested in the drama. “That was aimed at the people who aren’t really fans but consider themselves fans or at least viewers or the fans of eSports who aren’t really fans of eSports and just like the drama and the attention. Those aren’t the kind of people we need and I would appreciate it if they got out of the community.

As well as liking the word “fans,”  a lot, Fields' seems a little hypocritical suggesting that fans of drama should leave the sport, when Fields' himself has stoked up a lot of drama with his post and previous behaviour in-game.

KitGuru Says: Pro gaming always seems like such a dream job, but it would be interesting to know how many pro gamers still enjoy playing the “games,” that we can play for fun, whereas for them its a job and a pay cheque.

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