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StarCraft II Launch Event – LONG Queues in London

If Blizzard sells through 4 million copies of a game at £35 each, then they will generate £140 million ($200m) for the channel in no time at all. Most of these copies will be sold online, indeed many have already been downloaded, awaiting activation. So would anyone actually turn up at Game's Midnight Nuclear Launch Event? KitGuru was on hand to see.

Arriving at the Game store at 100 Oxford Street, you are immediately aware that there is more colour than normal. Everything has a StarCraft II theme and it's so fresh that the existing Game signs all look like they need a bit of a wash.

StarCraft II launches - they're colourful events you know. Popular too.

Those at the front of the queue came in costume and had already been waiting for hours by the time we rocked up.

Armed with a solid green gourd on a thick branch, you don't mess with the acolytes

How can you make the wait worthwhile (as if the game itself was not enough) ? Easy. Goodies and gorgeous, friendly babes ready to hand them out by the bag full.

GAME ladies, on hand to enhance morale
Goody bags were used for audience suppression
KitGuru suspects that several queuers might have used charm to elicit more than one bag each

The queue itself looked long from Oxford Street. However, after walking the line and talking with the StarCraft 2 faithful… we realised that it went around the corner. Once around the corner, it went on and on and on and, well, you get the picture.

Simple stitch job of the queue stretching into the distance give you some idea of the scale involved
Should all copies of the game be sold before this warrior reaches the front, there will be blood
If we tell you that the official security was wearing the blue jumpers, you'll get an idea of the level of devotion on view.

From what we've seen, StarCraft 2 does look on track to be the fastest game ever to 4 million unit sales.

What do you need to play it? Almost anything really. nVidia are saying that anyone with an 8800 card won't need to upgrade – and a multi-core processor running at 2.4Ghz or more should be fine.

Finally a Triple-A title that does not dim the lights in your house!

KitGuru says: Great looking launch event, we really like the fact that GAME was prepared to hand out so much stuff. Also, it's worth looking at the price being charged for the game. KitGuru checked earlier in the day and the UK distribution price for StarCraft 2 (i.e. what the shops pay to buy it from the warehouse) is around £35 inc vat. GAME are charging £35 inc vat. This seems to be a genuine effort to service the fans. Well played GAME !

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