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StarCraft Remastered is now available worldwide

Earlier this year, Blizzard announced StarCraft Remastered, the first of its classic games to be brought back and upgraded. Now after a few months of waiting, Blizzard has launched StarCraft Remastered. It’s available worldwide now. Back when StarCraft: Remastered was announced, Blizzard began giving away the original version of the …

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Rumour claims StarCraft HD remake is on the way


Blizzard has been hiring people to maintain support for some of its older games for a while now. Games like Diablo 2 still get updates today to ensure they run on modern operating systems. However, it looks like Blizzard might have something bigger planned, with reports this week claiming that …

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Blizzard will consider Warcraft 4 after StarCraft 2

Fans have been asking Blizzard for a ‘Warcraft 4’ for years now, however the developer’s RTS efforts have been wrapped up in StarCraft 2 for some time now.  However, according to StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Producer, Tim Morten, Blizzard will continue returning to the Warcraft RTS series once …

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Razer Naga MoM Mouse Ready to Launch

Razer Naga KitGuru Exclusive

Ever wondered what happens when you combine a mobile phone with a gaming mouse?  That’s a question that seems to have puzzled scientists at Razer’s technology and design centre, floating above planet Earth in a geo-stationary orbit above Tesco, Southend-on-sea (or so we’re led to believe). KitGuru spies report back …

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StarCraft II Launch Event – LONG Queues in London

If Blizzard sells through 4 million copies of a game at £35 each, then they will generate £140 million ($200m) for the channel in no time at all. Most of these copies will be sold online, indeed many have already been downloaded, awaiting activation. So would anyone actually turn up …

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