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StarCraft Remastered rumours are back, potential release planned this summer

It looks like the StarCraft HD remake rumours are doing the rounds again, this time claiming that Blizzard will be releasing the game as soon as May or June. The StarCraft remake would feature the same gameplay elements as the original game to get long-time fans on board but things like graphics and UI elements would be updated to modern standards.

This particular rumour comes from Korean esports site, Sports Seoul, which also claims that Blizzard might be preparing to announce this game as soon as next week. However, the report also claims that some of the major stakeholders in StarCraft as an esport were shown an early build behind closed doors at Blizzcon last November.

This isn't the first time we have heard about StarCraft coming back in HD form though. Reports first began popping up as far back as November 2015. A similar rumour also appeared in August 2016, claiming that an announcement would be made during the StarCraft 2 World Championship tournament. At the time, Blizzard refused to comment, only leading to further speculation.

KitGuru Says: As awesome as it would be to see StarCraft return in updated form, we've heard this rumour several times now and it hasn't panned out so far. I wouldn't get my hopes up for this particular rumour but we'll have to wait and see. May and June are awfully close so if this rumour is true, Blizzard would need to say something official quite soon. 

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