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Blizzard will consider Warcraft 4 after StarCraft 2

Fans have been asking Blizzard for a ‘Warcraft 4’ for years now, however the developer’s RTS efforts have been wrapped up in StarCraft 2 for some time now.  However, according to StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Producer, Tim Morten, Blizzard will continue returning to the Warcraft RTS series once StarCraft 2 is finished.

Blizzard promised three expansions for StarCraft 2, one for each of the three main races. We have already had Heart of the Swarm, which focussed on the Zerg race and we are due to get the second expansion, Legacy of the Void, later this year. Since the second expansion is not out yet, it could be quite some time before we even hear about the final expansion.


Speaking with IGN, Morten said: “It’s very rewarding for us to hear that there’s demand out there for more RTS content in the Warcraft universe so once we’re done with Void I think we’ll get together as a team and talk about what would inspire us to work on next. There’s no question, though, that we’ll consider Warcraft, StarCraft, or even new ideas. Anything is possible”.

So once StarCraft 2 is all wrapped up, we may hear something about a return to Warcraft.

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KitGuru Says: The World of Warcraft MMO was based on lore established in the Warcraft RTS games. If Blizzard were to return to the traditional Warcraft series, it could also end up meaning more story ideas for World of Warcraft as well.

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