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Time to upgrade? Windows XP flaw under attack

Microsoft are admitting a huge issue right now with Windows XP – there have been over 10,000 attacks made to the operating system, due to a critical security flaw.

“At first, we only saw legitimate researchers testing innocuous proof-of-concepts. Then, early on June 15th, the first real public exploits emerged,” Microsoft said.

Unfortunately in the last week or so the attacks have escalated and they are being sent from harmful web pages. Hackers are using the malicious code to download various trojans and viruses onto the machines of unsuspecting victims. This flaw is ironicially related to the Windows Help and Support Centre which is built into Windows XP.

KitGuru says: Microsoft are due to issue a fix for this in the next couple of weeks, however if you are still using Windows XP we urge you to be cautious.

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