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Asus readies GPS solution for the Transformer Prime

Ever since Asus’ Transformer Prime was released to the masses late last year, owners have been complaining about GPS and to an extent Wi-Fi performance. A later breakdown revealed that the a design issue was the cause. The Prime has a aluminum body, with no plastic RF window, behind which the GPS and Wi-Fi antennas should be located.

Long story short, aluminum doesn’t mix well with high frequency radio waves. The Wi-Fi and GPS antennas are hidden behind the plastic Apple logo on the iPad, preventing any problems occurring in the first place.

It looks as if the Transformer Prime will be getting a true GPS remedy in the next fortnight

Asus have now made plans, four months after the first issues arose, for a possibly free GPS dongle to solve any and hopefully all GPS problems. According to some users that report to already have the dongle it plugs directly into the Prime’s proprietary connector and is “minimalist” in design, sitting flush with the tablet’s body. Chances are this will mean you will have to choose between the keyboard dock or the GPS dongle, however. Reports say Asus will reveal full details come April 16th.

Kitguru says: Good on you Asus for offering a solution without the need for a lawsuit.

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