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Google tablet delayed in order to cut retail price

Google’s direct attempt at a tablet in collaboration with Asus is now unlikely to launch until at least July. The earlier leaked design was reportedly ready for a May launch but in an effort to tweak the tablet further, Google has pushed the date back.

Amazon's Kindle Fire will face some strong competition in the form of a Google-Asus tablet later this year.

It turns out that previous reports of a $199 launch price were incorrect, according to The Verge’s sources the previous design was destined for a $249 price sticker. The Google and Asus tablet has been delayed slightly so they can make some design changes and in hopes to lower the price from $249 to below $200.

The tablet is currently destined to be powered by a Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset pumping content to a 7 inch display. It will be limited to Wi-Fi connectivity and run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It is widely presumed this Google-Asus tablet will be up against Amazon’s Kindle Fire and a rumoured 7.85 inch iPad mini.

Kitguru says: Everything is not great though, these cheap tablets could force others such as Acer and Toshiba out of the Android tablet market.

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