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Samsung’s in-screen fingerprint sensor will reportedly be unusable with screen protectors

Samsung’s tentatively titled Galaxy S10 range is about a month away, with leaks and rumours suggesting that the range of devices will provide quite the upgrade over the current generation. One of the flagship features is supposedly a fingerprint sensor located beneath the screen, which new reports suggest won’t work when covered with a screen protector.

US-based firm Armadillotek has supposedly been testing its new range of “military grade” screen protectors with Samsung’s upcoming range of Galaxy S10 smartphones. ” “The in-screen fingerprint does not support screen protector. So our vanguard will have no built in screen protector,” reveals the company on Twitter.

There might just be a saving grace for users excited to use the new biometric security, if a 2018 patent is to be believed. Within, it described “an anti-fingerprinting composition having a self-healing property, and a film, a laminate, and a device including the anti-fingerprinting composition,” to be used in a “portable electronic device such as a smart phone or tablet.”

As always, Samsung didn’t respond to comments, meaning that this could come on a later device such as the foldable Galaxy X if not the Samsung Galaxy S10 range. That being said, self-healing technology is already possible, as shown on the LG Flex 2.

KitGuru Says: The inclusion of this self-healing tech on the Galaxy S10 series certainly wouldn’t be amiss, as displays continually get larger and significantly drop bezel sizes. It would allow users to also embrace the wonderful colour schemes that manufacturers entice customers with, only to be covered up almost immediately after purchase.

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