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300,000 Android sign ups daily, 0.4% using Gingerbread

Google’s Android is growing exponentially fast with over 300,000 devices being activated every day. The latest Gingerbread operating system (version 2.3) accounts for only 0.4 percent of the userbase.

The statistics come from Google Android Developers website and it points that the slow adoption for Gingerbread is because that it is still only available on one product – the Samsung Nexus S, which was released last month.

In a more positive note, V 2.2 Froyo is running on 51.3 percent of all devices and 2.1 Eclair on 35.7 percent. This shows that the userbase are quick to adopt the new code, although the high percent of V 2.1 is mainly due to Samsungs failure to upgrade Galaxy S owners to the latest platform. Right now 11 million customers are forced to run with the outdated operating system with Samsung still not giving a time frame for V2.2.

Only 12.6 percent are running the older V 1.5 or V 1.6 operating systems. 90% of mobile Apple users, in comparison are running iOS 4.xx although with Apple controlling all the devices, the roll outs are generally smoother.

KitGuru says: Is Android going to be one of the success stories of 2011? We think so.

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