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Cyanogenmod developers aim to make a better version of Android

Cyanogenmod, one of the most popular custom roms for Android users looking for a more stock experience, has raised $7 million to release it's own version of the operating system in a bid to become the third most used mobile OS.

With 8 million registered users already its off to a good start and the software creators have also bagged a partnership with a secret hardware manufacturer to bring out a phone running Cyanogenmod. We probably won't be able to call it a mod for much longer, but the company does have plans to re brand.


The growth rate of this rom is surprising, simply because it takes a lot of effort to install. This is set to change however,  as the developers aim to bring out an easy two step installer and put it right in the play store. If more custom roms did this then maybe we would see more stock Android and less ‘touchwiz' and ‘sense'. The fact that this rom is so popular goes to show how strong a demand there is out there for a more stock Android experience. This is probably what led to the new Google play editions of popular Android smartphones, the only problem is the updates still don't arrive at the same time as a Nexus device.

Cyanogenmod has its own OTA update method which is unique, you won't find another custom rom that offers that. This makes updating after going through the long initial installation process much easier and very simple.

However, there are two things that could potentially hold back this project: Google and the carriers. Carriers prefer a much more controllable closed platform where they can shut certain things off, monitor usage and limit access. Google itself would have to certify a Cyanogen made phone or OS for Playstore access and for Google services. If there aren't any carriers on board then the phone will have to be bought off contract which could make it pretty expensive. In the long run though, buying a phone off contract and going pay as you go is cheaper.

KitGuru Says: I personally use Cyanogenmod on my galaxy S3. I prefer the stock Android look and features, even if  it does hit the battery quite hard. I'm keen to see what the future holds and find out which hardware manufacturer it's chosen to partner with. Are you interested in a Cyanogen phone?

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