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Samsung commits to four-years of security updates for new Galaxy devices

Samsung is revamping its commitment to security on Android devices. Moving forward, Galaxy devices will now receive regular security updates for a minimum of four years after release, with updates set to be delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Previously, Samsung offered up three years of security updates for new Galaxy devices, but the company is now extending that support period to four years. This applies to the Galaxy Note, S, A, Foldable, XCover and Tab series devices.

“At Samsung, our number one priority is offering the best and most secure mobile experience to our users, and we’re constantly optimizing the security of our products and services,” said Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “Mobile devices play such an important role in our lives, it’s only natural that we want to hold onto them longer. That’s why, thanks to the latest technology advancements, we’re committing to securing Galaxy devices for even longer, so that everything that should be kept protected stays protected.”

This means Samsung will be supporting over 130 different smartphone models at any given time with timely security updates. Samsung has also made improvements to streamline the update process, collaborating with over 200 network carriers across the world to ensure update delivery. The full list of eligible devices for the four-year security program can be found HERE.

KitGuru Says: It is great to see Samsung committing to security like this. How many of you use a Samsung smartphone or tablet? How important are regular security updates to you when buying a new device?

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