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Amazon offers support to Google Android with App store

One of the biggest selling points for Apple is based around the class leading device support via the Apple store. While this has always been an issue for their rivals, it appears that Amazon will lend the full weight of their online experience by opening a software applications store for smartphones running Google’s Android OS.

Android: set to have full might of Amazon behind it

An Amazon document was recently viewed by the Wall Street Journal and it shows that Amazon have generated a pricing structure for developers – Amazon get 30% of all sales and the developers keep the rest. The document also details a stipulation that the applications can not be sold at a lower price anywhere else. The revenue-share split is consistent with other app stores, such as Apple’s industry-leading iTunes store, which sells apps for iPhones and iPads.

KitGuru says: This has been a long awaited option for Android phone users, so this will be very warmly received.

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