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iPad sales may be killing multiple markets

Kitguru reported week ago that the incredible success of the iPad had damaged laptop sales in 2010, and could also be mainly responsible for AMD’s latest reported quarterly loss. Latest research however shows that other technological sectors are also experiencing dwindling sales.

Analysts expect that the iPad will sell 40 million units in 2011, a staggering figure which will generate billions of dollars for Apple. The sales have been so strong that even Apple were shocked by the initial 3 monthly market adoption rate.

Netbook sales have been hit hard by iPad sales, because until it was released this specific market was growing 30 percent annually. Sales have now dropped dramatically, according to market research firm NPD Group. Further verifying that AMD’s reported loss would be in part due to this shift in market adoption.

iPad sales however can have further ramifications, because while early adopters usually spend money on these devices, it appears that the marketshare Apple are getting far extends past this hard core group of users. It actually is on track to become the fastest selling adopted consumer device ever – and it is worth remembering, we aren’t talking about £100 a unit either.

Sanford Bernstein analysts have reported that people are spending less money on digital cameras, and even LCD television sales are dropping since the iPad release. It may very well be that a specific audience are blowing whatever free money they have on the iPad, although a weak economy may also be partly responsible. That said, in a weak economy why would so many iPads be sold so quickly? They are just as expensive as an entry level HD LCD television set for instance.

KitGuru says: Are we already experiencing the early shockwaves of the iPad phenomenon?

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