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Android malware continues to grow

Android malware has been a problem for Google this year, with several reports published showing that Google have had to manually intervene to remove infected code. A new report however paints a rather bleak picture – if you are using Android today, you are 2.5 times more likely to experience malware than just six months ago.

Mobile security firm LookOut published the report and said “This number is likely so high because users on mobile devices often encounter threats targeting PCs–people read email, Facebook messages, text messages, and tweets on their phones just as they do on their PCs.”

Half a million people have been affected by malware in the first half of this year, recording a rise from 80 applications in January to over 400 in June. The report deals with both Android and iOS platforms. Lookout gather data from 10 million Android devices around the globe.

Android had major issues with DroidDream, code which forced Google to remove malware infected apps in March and in July. The authors of this malicious code released more than 80 unique applications with different malware variations that have been designed to take control of a device. The victims fall pray to the foul code, as the malware creators repackage legitimate applications, while infecting them.

GGTracker was another concern for the search engine giant. This is said to be the first malicious code which was designed to steal money from Android users in the States. It signs a user up for a premium text messaging subscription service without their consent and they are charged $10 per service. GGTracker was particularly nasty as it used a mobile advertising system which directed users to a malicious site which automatically downloads malware when viewed.

Kitguru says: It is a growing problem for the Android platform, and users should be vigilant.

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