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Google address partner lackluster Android update freqency

Yesterday at the Google I/O, the search engine giant addressed the slow update problems that plague a portion of their user base.

If you buy a Google Android smartphone today, there is a good chance it will be several revisions behind the latest version. There is even a good possibility you might not get an update for months. The Android user base have been feeding back their displeasure in having to wait for their new phones to receive the latest bug fixes and interface enhancements.

So far, Nexus One and Nexus S users have been treated the best, with almost instant updates available on their portable devices. Many other people have to wait for their providers to iron out device specific bugs and to wirelessly update the phones.

Google have said they are forming an alliance with the phone manufacturers to try and get more frequent updates sorted for Android users. Google pointed out that under their new guidelines, hardware will be support for 18 months after launch. If you buy a new Android phone, it will be supported with regular updates for a year and a half. Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Sprint, Vodafone, AT&T, HTC, Samsung and Verizon Wireless are all on board for the new update procedure.

Other manufacturers have received the invite and should be joining the list shortly. Hopefully this means that in the latter part of the year, your new Android phone will be running the latest, and most stable version of Android available.

KitGuru says: Google have stepped in, and it is good to see.

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