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Add a wood keyboard to your Macbook Pro

Are you a keyboard connoisseur? Do most laptop keyboards feel rubbery under your fingers? The new modification for your Macbook Pro might just be the change you need then. Rawbkny have released a new MacBook Wood Keyboard just to appeal to those people who like to be different.

It is a retofit kit which changes the keyboard to either a bamboo or rosewood key finish. The keyboard isn’t a complete replacement however, the keys rest on top of the original keys, underneath. Each key sticks on top of the original Apple key. Might take some time to fit them all properly, we think.

Our main concern would be the potential damage the wooden keys could cause to the screen when the laptop is closed, but Rawbkny say that they won’t mark the screen at all, leaving a little space between wooden key cover and panel.

The wooden keys are cut by laser from a slice of Rosewood or Bamboo.

Are you interested? then head over here to check it out and place an order. Only $40.00

Kitguru says: Brings a new definition to the saying ‘Got Wood’?

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