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Google/Slide launch Photovine app for iOS

Google launched a new application this week called PhotoVine, for Apple’s iOS mobile platform. The software is a photo sharing application with a social networking twist.

Users can take photos from their phone and then share them with friends, inside the application. The key focal point of the concept is that photos are shared into sectional topics, which Google are calling ‘vines’.

As the official demo above shows a user can take a picture and then tag it into a ‘vine’ of photos, which in this case is called ‘warm and fuzzy’. Other users can then take pictures in the same vein and share them in this vine, and it expands over time.

'Plant a photo, watch it grow' will it catch on?

The program is created by a company called Slide, under ownership of Google. The Android platform has ‘Pool Party’ which looks to be an identical application, under a different name.

Currently, the software is available via an invitation system, a common Google tactic of limiting the downloads, while they use a smaller user base to bug test and report problems before unleashing it officially to a wider audience.

Kitguru says: Do you like this photo sharing concept?

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