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Lion OS gets Gold Master, to be released shortly

Apple have released the gold master edition of OSX Lion to developers, just before the official launch in the coming days. The operating system should be launched some time in the next 10 days and will only be available for download on the Apple store.

Apple have been praised for bringing the price down, and it will be available for only £22 when it hits UK retail, a substantial saving over competing Microsoft Windows products. Some people have complained however that it won't be available to purchase in a physical retail store. The download size alone could cause some problems for UK Apple users who have tight monthly caps on bandwidth.

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If you already own a Macintosh operating system, you don't get it cheaper as an ‘upgrade'. the flat rate is held to everyone regardless of status.

The operating system is the first stage in Apple's new plans to bring features from iOS into the mainstream desktop operating system, easing the transition for casual mobile Apple users into the main OSX platform.

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