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Rare Apple ‘Lisa 1’ computer up for auction on ebay

A piece of Apple history is up for auction on eBay – the Lisa 1. Last night the starting bid was made at $7,500, but it is now up to $25,100.00.

The system looks to be in great nick and we are wondering if any Apple representatives are watching this, as so few Lisa 1’s are still in circulation, especially in this condition. The fact that there is no serial number means that it could be an internal test model which somehow got outside the confines of the engineering workshop. The original floppy drives and ROMs and keyboard are also part of the deal.

The Lisa 1 is a part of computing history now, development started in 1978 and it was launched in 1983. Steve Jobs was involved in the project until he left Apple in 1982.

While the Macintosh was the success story for Apple, the Lisa 1 was pretty far ahead of the game at the time, with 2MB of Ram, primitive multitasking support and even protected memory. When it was sold, it retailed for $10,000 and was the first commercially available computer with a graphical user interface.

KitGuru says: Fancy a bid? Let us know if you win.

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