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CDMA iPhone could generate $32.4 billion for Apple

Last week news broke that Verizon Wireless will sell a CDMA version of Apple’s iPhone early next year. This could help Verizon hold their lead against AT&T and boost iPhone sales by 10 million handsets in 2011.

A CDMA iPhone can offer Apple huge sales growth as more than 543 million people globally use CDMA handsets. 3,45 billion people for instance use a GSM phone across the planet. If Apple sold iPhones to 10 percent of the CDMA market place it could gain a 54 million iPhone sales structure. At $600 per handset this works out at over 32 billion dollars in revenue with Apple’s high profit margins.

The iPhone sales are already strong with regions like China selling out within the space of a few months. They even had to halt the pre order state as demand was too high.

KitGuru says: Apple could be onto yet another winner, could they end up being the worlds most valuable company in the next 24 months? It is a possibility.

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