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Apple Pay to launch in the US this week

Apple will reportedly launch its recently announced NFC based mobile payment service in the US on the 18th of October, according to a leaked memo from Wallgreens. Apple Pay will allow US shoppers to pay for goods using their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus handset, the upcoming Apple Watch will also support this.

Android users will already be familiar with NFC and how mobile payments generally work although so far, this new method of paying has yet to become mainstream, which is why Apple’s launch is a bigger deal than you might think.

The memo, which was sent to Wallgreen employees and obtained by Macrumors, says: “In preparation for the launch of Apple Pay on October 18, we would like you to cover the following material included in the tasks before activation. Customers that participate in Apple Pay will immediately be able to use the service that is easy, secure and ensures their privacy.”


Macrumors also noted that it is unusual for Apple to plan a launch for a Saturday so it could be that Apple Pay will launch following the firm’s event on the 16th of October, which will see the launch of new iPads, iMacs and Macbook Pros.

Since Wallgreens is preparing, this means other US retail outlets will also be preparing for the launch. So far, Apple has named McDonalds’s, Macy’s and Staples as among the first stores to start supporting the mobile payments service.

Apple Pay isn’t expected to launch in the UK until next year. The company has yet to comment on the leaks or speculation surrounding the launch of its service but it may say more at its event on Thursday.

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KitGuru Says: NFC mobile payments have been around on Android for a little while but haven’t really taken off. However, with Apple on board, it’s likely that we will see NFC payments become a standard over the coming years.

Source: Macrumors

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