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No Man’s Sky is coming to iPad

Apple recently held its Worldwide Developers Conference stream, where the iPhone manufacturer announced all manner of new software updates for its various devices, from the Macbook to the Apple Watch and more. One of the most interesting announcements was the fact that No Man’s Sky will soon be coming to the iPad as a native app.

Apple’s M series of chips have been praised for their speed, power and efficiency. Despite this power, few games take full advantage of these chips due to the iPad lacking many console-equivalent games. This may soon be changing, as Apple has announced that:

“The power of Apple silicon enables every new Mac to run AAA games with ease, including upcoming titles such as EA’s GRID Legends and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. And since Apple silicon also powers iPad, game developers can bring their AAA games to even more users, like No Man’s Sky from Hello Games, which is coming to both Mac and iPad later this year.”

No Man’s Sky’s procedurally generated nature means that it will be rather interesting to see just how much the space exploration game will push the iPad’s hardware. No Man's Sky is available on all modern gaming devices from PlayStation to Xbox to PC and even the Switch.

There is little doubt that the game will perform better than at least the Nintendo Switch, and as such, hopefully No Man’s Sky becomes the first in a new wave of console games being ported to mobile.

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