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Apple quietly axe 4th gen iPod – add camera free 5th gen

Apple have quietly axed the 4th gen iPod and have replaced it with a slightly stripped down 5th generation version.

The iPod Touch 4G with the small 3.5 inch screen is gone. The budget iPod Touch, a 16gb version of the 5th generation touch has been added, without a rear camera or wrist strap.

This new budget iPod Touch is retailing in the US for $229 which works out at $30 more than the 16gb version of the discontinued 4th generation model.

While the rear camera is gone, the company have upgraded the internal specifications. There is a dual core processor (A5) and apparently a little extra RAM. The display size has also been increased to 4 inches, and it is slightly thinner and lighter than the older model.
ipod touch

The regular 5th generation iPod is still available, starting at $299 for the 32GB version.

It seems a strange time for a silent replacement, but Apple may be phasing out all their old 3.5 inch iOS devices. If Apple release their new budget iPhone with a 4 inch screen, it would mean that all 3.5 inch devices are relegated to history.

You can see the new device on the Apple Store, over here.

Kitguru says: A quiet year so far from Apple, but plenty of time left.

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