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Apple release expensive new 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro

The latest reports show that the mobile laptop sector is struggling to grow, compromised by the constant stream of powerful smartphones and tablets. One company who doesn't seem to have a problem releasing high end machines is Apple. Their new 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina enabled machine is said by the company themselves to have the ‘second highest resolution notebook ever'.

This screen was recently subjected to a ‘tear down' by iFixit who declared the screen an ‘engineering marvel'. The LCD screen is the entire display assembly.

They said “Rather than sandwich an LCD panel between a back case and a piece of glass in front, Apple used the aluminum case itself as the frame for the LCD panel and used the LCD as the front glass.”

Apple were able to cram five times as many pixels into the new display, while only making the screen a single millimeter thicker. Apple have added that the screen reduces glare by 75 percent, by removing the front glass. The only downside is that the Retina display can not be repaired by third party companies.

Apple have not dropped the price of the new machines to ‘bargain basement' prices in the efforts to drive sales. The 13 inch model is literally double the price of the mainstream PC notebook in the same sector.

Apple Insider discuss the new machine and explain various aspects of the construction over here.

They raise a good point in their article – why are no PC makers adopting the same super high resolution screen policy? Apple are once again leading the way, even though they seem to be the butt of jokes in the PC enthusiast community.

AppleInsider say “On top of the hardware engineering, software also needs to be rewritten for resolution independence. This requires changes to the operating system, but also to third party apps, meaning that Apple has to facilitate developer support to make it relatively easy for its App Store ecosystem to add Retina Display support to their own apps. And of course, Apple has had to do the same to its own first party titles, including Aperture, Final Cut Pro, and a variety of apps bundled in OS X.”

Kitguru says: We have a question for PC purists ….. If a leading PC laptop maker adopted the same technology would it tempt you into buying a new laptop in 2013?

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