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Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless acts as a WiFi hub, creating a local wireless network that supports up to three devices simultaneously. It is also possible to set up a bridge between your router and mobile device, allowing access to the internet while connected to the reader.

We tested the reader on Windows 7, Android 4.1.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Note II and iOS 6 on an iPad Mini. A SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 SD card was used for all tests.


The MobileLite app has a built-in media player that is capable of handling most common file formats. I experienced no issues with MP3's and .JPG's. The media player can be hidden while music keeps on playing, giving back some screen real estate. A handy feature which those with smaller screens should find very useful.

Simultaneously watching a m4V file on two iPad Minis and a Galaxy Note II proved to be a simple task for the Kingston MobileLite, delivering the video to all devices without any stuttering.

Upon launching the app a list of available devices will be displayed. It is possible to move files from local storage on your device to the SD card in the reader and vice versa. Moving large files did seem to have a significant negative impact on the device, though this is to be expected with a wireless connection and is partially dependant on the SD card.


The Kingston MobileLite performed admirably in terms of signal strength. In fact, it performed so well that I was able to use it as a makeshift repeater to improve my browsing experience as I moved further away from the router.


Using the reader in Bridged Mode did not significantly impact the quality of my connection, though my ping times did nearly double.


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