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Apple iPad 2 hammers Motorola Xoom: is it due to marketing?

Well it wouldn't have taken a clairvoyant to predict that the Apple iPad 2 would be the biggest selling tablet this year, sales figures already show that it is selling out, even within the space of a few days.

In the UK there are 3 week delays now when ordering from the Apple store, meaning that they can't simply keep up with demand. Sadly, it looks as if the Motorola Xoom isn't in such a strong position. Motorola have not discussed sales numbers, although they did say the device was ‘off to a strong start'. Seems rather vague.

Even though the reviews of the Xoom have been mainly positive, analysts are saying that the device isn't flying off the shelves. There are also unconfirmed reports online saying that Motorola are ramping down the production of the device, already.

Whether you like Apple or not, they are marketing masters, and this could be a good reason why the Xoom isn't such a hot seller. Adverts in the US for the Xoom have been bizarre and many people are feeling that if Motorola would present the Xoom in a more ‘real world' manner then people might understand that there are actually good competing products which can easily go head to head with the iPad 2.

The advert above is certainly attractively presented, with a cool futuristic pod enveloping a man. Can anyone actually understand it though? What is the Xoom offering to the potential customer?

There are other ads for the Xoom which are slightly better, but the video above sums up the marketing approach taken in presenting the Xoom to customers. No one really understands the approach, especially those people who might be willing to dip into their pockets to buy one.

Other iPad 2 competitors are doing a better job of promoting their products, thankfully. The Samsung Galaxy Tab for instance has been promoted with a very cool advertising campaign which showcases the product very well. This could very well be why they have sold millions of them already.

We really shouldn't underestimate the importance of good advertising on television and within publications. If people aren't aware of the product, or what it can do to make their life more enjoyable or entertaining, then they simply will sit on the shelves.

The sad thing is, the Xoom is actually one of the better technical tablet devices on the market, but if Motorola don't get the selling points across we fear it may be relegated to the annals of history.

KitGuru says: Apple are marketing masters. No doubt about it.

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