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Pete Townshend called iTunes ‘digital vampire’

Pete Townshend isn't too happy with Apple's iTunes and has called it a ‘digital vampire', claiming that it profits from music without supporting the artists who create it.

Townshend has said that the internet has destroyed established copyright protections and that iTunes should offer some services that used to be given to artists by record companies and music publishers. He hinted at employing talent scouts, paying smaller artists directly and giving space to bands to stream their music.

The guitarist of The Who spoke out at the John Peel lecture, named after the famous radio broadcaster who died in 2004.

Apple and iTunes have not replied to the comments made by Townshend, although it is a much wider problem than iTunes, as people can download music from many sharing platforms for free. iTunes does account for three quarters of the ‘paid for' music download services.

Townshend said “It would be better if music lovers treated music like food, and paid for every helping, rather than only when it suited them. Why can't music lovers just pay for music rather than steal it?

Music does seem to be almost a disposal commodity now.

Kitguru says: Why indeed? Have you any comments on the subject?

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