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Apple Macintosh sales up 22% in last two months

NPD have released new sales data which shows that Apple's Macintosh sales are up a staggering 22% in the first two months of the September quarter. Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray says that the strong sales are due to the new Macbook Air and Mac Mini product refreshes.

In other Apple news, the iPod isn't doing as well as expected, with sales down 16% for the first two months.

Apple in the 80's: If you can remember using one of these, you are definitely older than me.

Munster's analysis:

  • Mac NPD Data Suggests 4.4m-4.6m Macs vs. Est. 4.5m In Sept. Qtr. (Mac ~20% Revs). We have analyzed domestic NPD retail data for the first 2 months of the Sept. quarter, which is up 22% y/y. The data benefited from new Mac products in the month of July, but the tailwind from these releases will likely fade in Sept. Net-net, we believe this early data suggests Mac sales in the range of 4.4m-4.6m, or 13%-18% y/y growth (we believe Street consensus is 4.5m Macs in the quarter and we are also at 4.5m). Note that we estimate Mac revenue will represent 20% of overall revenue in the Sept. quarter.
  • iPod NPD Data Suggests 7.2m-7.7m vs. Est. 7.0m In Sept. Qtr. (iPod ~5% Revs). Our analysis of domestic iPod unit data from NPD for the first 2 months of the Sept. quarter (-16% y/y) suggests iPod results slightly ahead of consensus. NPD leads us to an iPod approximation of 7.2m-7.7m (we believe the Street is at ~7.0m). This range implies y/y iPod unit growth of -20% to -15% y/y vs. the Street at -23% y/y.

Kitguru says : It seems like Apple will end the year on a high, now all they need is a new iPod release to invigorate sales.

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