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Expecting a child? download the pregancy iPhone/Android app!

It seems there is an application for everything now and my friend who is expecting a child, was using this application this week. Bounty.com a website devoted to helping new and expectant mothers have launched an application for iOS and Android. It has been endorsed by Tommy's, the pregnancy charity and is sponsored by Unilever.

Building on the success of Bounty’s baby names app, which since its launch in June has received 41,000 downloads to date, Bounty’s ‘pregnancy diary’ app will provide mums-to-be with personalized support throughout pregnancy.

The functions of the app include:

  • Due date calculator – to keep the app updated and personalised
  • This Week – helpful articles outlining what is happening week by week with baby’s development and mum-to-be’s body
  • Journal –  from exercise, mood, baby’s movements and cravings, mum records her own personal journal, which also creates graphical charts of her results to share with friends, family or midwife
  • Gallery – the option to take and share photos, including an album feature showing weekly images of mum’s development
  • Helpful tips and videos – answering questions throughout mum’s pregnancy, including tips and advice on maternity clothing and skincare. Plus a special guide for Dads

Kitguru says: So if you, or your girlfriend/wife is expecting a baby, at least you can still use your smartphone in a productive way!

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