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iPad 3 ‘shell’ photos posted online

Many people are waiting on the iPad 3 to hit retail shelves. With the promise of a new super high resolution screen and additional processing power, it looks to be the tablet to rule them all. Apple remain tight lipped about the design and specifications, but as expected the rumour mill is buzzing with news.

iPad 3 enclosures are already circulating and Repair Labs have posted a picture of the interior of the iPad 3 rear shell.

They say: “A. You can see here that the mounts for the logic board are very different, which means the logic board shape will be different allowing for . . . .

B. More battery. The width of where the logic board sits on the iPad 2 appears much larger than that of the iPad 3. We have long heard that the iPad 3 was going to provide longer battery life, and this back housing seems to support that.”

Not to be outdone, Apple Pro have posted an image of the back of the same shell, highlighting that it looks very close to the iPad 2 backing, although the camera has been moved a little closer to the edge. The site also say they have photos of the Smart Cover magnets, which looks as if the iPad 3 will share the same Smart Cover as the iPad 2. Thanks to MacRumors for the news.

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