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Recent mac update increases gaming FPS x 3

Macintosh executives have never been keen to promote their machines as gaming computers but they have been swallowing a bitter pill recently with Valve's release of the Steam client for OSx. Adoption has been phenomenal and this has had the positive effect of pushing their departments to update drivers. The big question is why the hell did it take them so long!?

A few of the KitGuru staff behind the scenes (shhhh) are big Macintosh fans and the recent update has shown in our testing to increase frame rates in games by x3 on some machines with a Core i7 ATI powered system increasing from 30 fps to 60fps overnight! You certainly can't be bad to that.

How times change - one of these will struggle to hit 60fps - no prizes for guessing which

Only three changes were listed for the recent update, one of which was an improvement with Team Fortress 2 and Portal performance on both ATI and nVidia hardware.

For potential gamers this shows that the Macintosh has a very positive future ahead and we will see more and more A list titles being released, hopefully even at the same time as their Windows counterparts. It is still some way behind the Windows platform, but all of these recent changes help push it forward as a viable alternative to the Windows dominance.

KitGuru says: Are you a Macintosh gamer? Does this kind of update get you excited?

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