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Steve Jobs takes medical leave: Apple future worries

Steve Jobs, probably the world’s best known CEO has been battling serious health problems for years now. He said on Monday that he is taking a leave of absense. This has obviously raised questions about whether Apple should be concerned about their future.

This announcement has caused a lot of flak because Jobs has not detailed how long he will be on leave, or the extent of his medical problems. Many analysts feel that Apple need to tell shareholders all the details of his absense.

Steve Jobs is already a survivor of pancreatic cancer and has had a liver transplant and on Monday he sent a message to Apple employees saying that the board ‘granted me a medical leave of absense so I can focus on my health’. He then said he would continue to be involved in all major decisions but would give up day to day control of Apple.

Steve Jobs: Taking time out for health reasons

Jobs is an iconic figurehead and is well known for having demanding extreme attention to detail, caring as much about the appearance of Apple products as to how they function. Apple was months from bankruptcy in 1997 before he returned to take control of the company again, driving it to become one of the most successful businesses on the planet.

“For better or worse, Steve Jobs represents Apple,” said Charles Elson, a corporate governance professor at the University of Delaware. “I wish we would have more disclosure here. I wish the board let the investors know what they know at this point.”

Apple have declined to speak to the press about this matter.

KitGuru says: Is the future of Apple in question? Without Jobs at the helm will they be the same?

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