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RIM to show Blackberry 10 smartphones in January

The troubled Research In Motion are betting everything on the upcoming Blackberry 10 launch. Their latest plans indicate a showcase of the first 10 smartphones on January 30th, quickly followed by sales in February.

Kristian Tear, the Chief Operating Offices said in an interview “We want to do it as quickly as possible.”

The new smartphones won’t be launched worldwide at the same time however the company are aiming for a release on multiple continents within 30 days of the official release date.

RIM need these release badly, especially factoring in they are now a year behind schedule. In this time period they have lost market share to competing devices by Apple and running the Google Android operating system.

Company stock rose by 3.2 percent, fueling a total 40 percent gain based on the speculation that Blackberry 10 will reinvigorate the company and save them from disaster next year. That said, their shares are still 90 percent below their 2008 peak level.

Kitguru says: Its make or break in 2013 for RIM.

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