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Blackberry may be acquired by Microsoft/Nokia

2011 has been a year that Research In Motion would like to forget, even though they still produce some of the best business phones available. The latest news to leak would indicate that Nokia and Microsoft are considering a potential takeover of the company. This comes at the same time as Blackberry have went to Samsung and HTC about licensing out their BlackBerry 10 Operating System.

The Wall Street Journal have said that the talks have started a few months ago with executives from the two firms meeting up on a regular basis to discuss future options and plans. RIM are determined to license the QNX next generation operating system, in a similar way that Google and Microsoft currently license their own software to other companies.

There has been no indication that HTC or Samsung have shown any interest, as they are successfully working with Google on the Android platform right now. RIM are facing delays in releasing their new operating system however, with reports showing that it may be as late as Q4 2012 before it would be available for licensing.

Kitguru says: If they do get taken over by Microsoft/Nokia then the future of their operating system would be seriously in doubt, as Microsoft are focused on their own platform and future iterations.

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