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Android takes 57% of local smartphone sales, 84% in Spain

In a recent ComTech report from analyst firm Kantar detailing recent smartphone sales in several major countries, Android is once again the biggest mover, while Symbian sinks another six feet.

In Great Britain, Android accounted for 57% of smartphones sales in the 12 weeks ending in June 2012. This increased from 49% during the same period last year. Apple’s iOS also rose up the rankings, going from 20% to 26%. The biggest losers were Symbian and RIM, with both losing 5.8 and 8.7 percent points respectively. The slow growing Windows Phone 7 platform increased its share to 3.7%.

Elsewhere, Android rose by at least 21 percentage points in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. In Spain, Android’s share of recent smartphone sales reached a massive 84.1%. This could have been caused by the fledgling economy in Spain with many people seeking a cheaper smartphone; an area that Android currently dominates.

It’s not all rosy for Android though, their share dropped from 57% to 50.2% in the United States. It was largely caused by iOS rising 8.7 points to take 37.4% of recent sales. However, in every other country (apart from Great Britain) iOS lost market share.

You can see the full statistic tables attached below.

KitGuru says: While Android continues its relative dominance over the smartphone market, it is good to see Windows Phone 7 rise in most areas.

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