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BlackBerry suffers setback – Messenger not coming to Android

In recent times there have been rumours that RIM would bring their iconic BlackBerry Messenger service to Android and we are all for well implemented cross-platform integration. It's like being able to open a .zip on the desktop operating system you prefer best. However, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins doesn't see the same way, reportedly pulling the project from development.

This isn't the first time RIM has done something seemingly unwise, they were going to allow Android applications to run on the BlackBerry Playbook but that idea was pulled due to concerns over piracy. Considering you can easily sideload Android applications onto Amazon's Kindle Fire we're not too sure about that.

It's reasons like these that have resulted in RIM's BlackBerry OS going from a 44% market share five years ago to just 6.4% today. BlackBerry 10, due out later this year better be impressive and entice some of the youth back to the business orientated platform if RIM are to survive.

KitGuru says: RIM, you do realise there's a good reason many other messaging applications are available on most platforms? Kik Messenger and Viber come to mind.

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