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Drop test pits the Nexus 7 against the iPad

While I stand by the claim that you’re a fool if you drop your tablet or smartphone, it is nice to know that your latest purchase will (or perhaps won’t) survive some possible drop scenarios. SquareTrade is a company that offers device insurance but also often does these sorts of tests – pitting one device against another. This time around it is the Google Nexus 7 up against Apple’s iPad.

The two tablets are put through three tests; a chest height and waist height drop onto concrete and a dip in a bathtub to determine which tablet is better at absorbing damage.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKaPmrXKfO0′]

Judging from the result the Nexus 7 will be able to handle a few knocks better than Apple’s iPad. Damage on the Nexus 7 was limited to a few scuff marks on the rear while the iPad had broken glass on the display, a warped corner and the speaker died after being drowned.

KitGuru says: Unless you’re careful, it would be beneficial to purchase a case for your investment.

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