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Google adds new features to Play Store website

Yesterday Google announced that TV shows, movie purchases and magazines were coming to the Play Store but this wasn't the end of it. The Play Store website has been overhauled and while it still looks familiar some useful features have been added.

The My Android Apps part of the website has been given a welcome upgrade and it now supports remote updating and remote uninstalling of applications straight from the Play Store website. Also, the placeholder images for the devices will over time be replaced with actual images of the device; making it easier for those users with multiple phones and tablets linked to the same Google account.

We would still like to see more advanced filters for previously installed applications but we're sure these will come in time.

Also, Smart Updates are now in effect. We mentioned this briefly the other day but with it there is no need to download the entire APK every time there's an update. From now on you will only download parts of the APK that have been modified since the last update. This results in less bandwidth consumption and faster update times.

KitGuru says: Now all we need is more Play Store services in more countries. Down here in New Zealand we're limited to just applications.

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