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Google is dropping Google+ from the Play Store


Google has begun ditching its Google+ social networking integration from the Play Store, as it continues to make the service far less ubiquitous. While there was once a section about people you knew and what they thought of various apps, and you needed a G+ account to leave reviews, none …

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Google warns of Android root access security flaw

Google has issued a warning to Android users this week after it discovered a bug present in the software that could allow hackers to gain root access to your smartphone through a certain application. The flaw itself isn't particularly new and was originally discovered two years ago in the Linux …

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Google has quietly stopped selling the Nexus 6

Google has chosen to quietly discontinue the Motorola Nexus 6, which launched at the end of 2014 but failed to really live up to expectations both in terms of sales and acclaim. From this point forward, Google's first oversized Nexus won't be available to buy directly through the Play Store, …

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Apple has released its ‘Move to iOS’ app on Android

Apple didn't just launch iOS 9 last night, but it also launched its recently announced tool to help Android users switch over to an iPhone. ‘Move to iOS' is Apple's first Android app and it does exactly what the name suggests, it helps Android users move their pictures, contacts, bookmarks, …

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Google is now manually reviewing Android apps

Google is starting to crack down on dodgy apps in the Play Store by manually reviewing applications submitted by developers. From now on, when a developer submits an app, it will have to be checked out by somebody before it gets put on the Play Store. This is the way …

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Google removes Pirate Bay related apps from Play Store

Google has gone ahead and started removing popular Pirate Bay applications from the Play Store. An email sent to developers noted that these apps violate intellectual property and Google's content policy. Google has slowly started getting more involved in the fight against piracy due to intense pressure from media outlets. …

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