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You can now ‘pre-register’ for apps on Google Play Store

Google has been updating the Play Store a fair amount recently. The latest update to the Android app store allows you to pre-register for certain apps. It works like a mailing list, those who register interest in an app will receive a notification on their device once it becomes available to download.

This is not the same as a pre-order, so you aren’t obligated to buy any apps if you register your interest, it’s more like a wishlist. Also, if you suddenly decide that you no longer care about an app, then you can de-register your interest afterwards.

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It is not yet known if all apps will come with this feature in the future but for now, a game promoting the upcoming Terminator movie is the first to make use of it.

If this feature becomes open to all developers, then it will help them gauge interest ahead of release, similarly to how game publishers view pre-order numbers.

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KitGuru Says: Google has been putting a bit more effort in to the Play Store recently, announcing tighter curation rules, weeding out the malware and adding in the ESRB rating system. Is there anything else Google should do to the Play Store to improve it? 

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