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Google’s own Chrome OS laptop is coming to the UK

Google's in-house made Chrome OS laptop, the Chromebook Pixel 2, is coming to the UK this month. The new model was announced last month over in the US and is intended to get more developers on-board and working with the lesser used Chrome operating system.

Chromebooks are generally cheaper, intended for student use or someone who just needs a low-cost laptop. However, Google's flagship Chromebook Pixel is a bit more expensive sitting just under the £800 mark for the Intel Core i5 version and £1000 for the higher end Core i7 model.


The new Chromebook Pixel will also come with 8GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD, which can be upgraded to a 64GB SSD. The Chromebook Pixel is a WiFi only device so don't expect any 4G LTE connectivity. Here in the UK, the laptop will be stocked at a few retailers rather than on the Google Play Store.

The hope is that Google will be showing off its broad range of hardware at shops, including the Nexus smartphones, the Chromecast dongle, the new Chromebook Pixel along with Chrome OS laptops made by partners.

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KitGuru Says: Chrome OS hasn't really taken off and it still has plenty of limitations that hinder it from being a wide-spread success. However, Google has hinted that its Pixel line is mainly intended for developer use, in order to get them experimenting with software for Chrome OS. Have any of you guys used a Chromebook before? What do you think of Google's OS? 

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