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Google warns of Android root access security flaw

Google has issued a warning to Android users this week after it discovered a bug present in the software that could allow hackers to gain root access to your smartphone through a certain application. The flaw itself isn't particularly new and was originally discovered two years ago in the Linux Kernal but it wasn't flagged up as an issue at the time.

This hasn't been an issue for Android users in the past as it wasn't part of the software but it now is. The vulnerability comes with the identifier CVE-2015-1805 and Google is already working on a security patch but a couple of security research teams beat Google to discovering the issue and figuring out how it all works.


We don't know the name of the app that this exploit is achieved through but it is no longer on the Play Store. However, Google is classifying this issue with a critical severity rating for now. While Google is currently working on patches for its Nexus smartphones, these only represent a fraction of the Android smartphone market so it will be up to other manufacturers to push out a patch to their own handsets.

You can read Google's security notice, HERE. 

KitGuru Says: Honestly some of the details surrounding this issue are a bit vague. If you're running Android then make sure you only install verified apps for the time being and try to keep your device secure. 

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