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Nintendo denies that Wii U production is ending this year

Last night, a rumour began circulating that Nintendo could be planning to cease production on the Wii U console later this year, presumably in order to make way for the upcoming Nintendo NX console which is set to be announced later this year. While the company rarely responds to these sort of things, it did issue a comment on this story, denying that the Wii U will have its cycle brought to an end this year.

In a statement sent to Japanese outlet, IT Media, Nintendo said that the information found in the Nikkei report “did not come from within our company”. The Nintendo rep then went on to say that the company plans to keep producing the Wii U until the end of the next fiscal year, which ends in March 2017.



This makes sense really as Nintendo still has a little bit of life left in the Wii U and most importantly, there are a lot of Wii U owners waiting on that new Zelda game so they wouldn't be too happy if their console reached end of life around the time that game releases.

However, we do know that Nintendo plans to speak out on the new NX console later this year, which will eventually replace the Wii U. We have also had a look at what could be the console's new controller, something that Nintendo did not comment on or deny.

KitGuru Says: It looks like the Wii U will be around for at least a little bit longer than yesterday's reports suggested. Are any of you Wii U owners? Would you have been disappointed to see Nintendo end its cycle by the end of this year? 

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