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Nintendo may finally reveal the NX this week


When it comes to Nintendo NX news, things have been quite slow over the last couple of months and while rumours are still predicting that the console will launch before March 2017, Nintendo itself is really dragging its feet with official announcements. However, Nintendo may finally break its silence on …

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Pokemon Company CEO talks about Nintendo NX hybrid console


While Nintendo is keeping quiet on exactly what its next console is, other companies are being a little bit more open with what they know.  More specifically, the CEO of the Pokemon Company recently had some interesting things to say about the Nintendo NX, while also promising to release games …

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Indie developers want Nintendo to give NX more power

As much as the Wii U hasn't turned out to be anywhere near as successful as Nintendo's previous generations of home-console, developers did like making games for it. The only thing they really want with the next-generation NX though, is more power. We don't know a lot about Nintendo's NX. …

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Microsoft testing ‘variety’ of new Xbox prototypes

While we know that at least Sony and Nintendo will be facing off soon with the PS4 NEO and the Nintendo NX, we haven't heard much about Microsoft's plans. However, according to reports, a “variety” of new Xbox prototypes are currently being tested, some of which do have upgraded internal …

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Nintendo denies that Wii U production is ending this year

Last night, a rumour began circulating that Nintendo could be planning to cease production on the Wii U console later this year, presumably in order to make way for the upcoming Nintendo NX console which is set to be announced later this year. While the company rarely responds to these …

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Nintendo NX might not be as powerful as the PS4

It is pretty evident that one of the reasons why Nintendo Wii U has failed on the market is its low performance and lack of support of high-definition resolutions. While it is very logical for Nintendo to add support for full-HD graphics to its next-generation video game system to be …

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Nintendo might use Android on its next console

Nintendo might be the first major platform holder to make a gaming console based on Android, if new rumors are to be believed. This would be a big departure from Nintendo's previous strategy, which often involves closing everything down with a proprietary operating system and region locks on software. According …

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Nintendo confirms that its working on a new console

Nintendo on Tuesday confirmed that it had started development of its next-generation code-named “NX” video game console. The company revealed no details about the new product, but it is highly likely that the system will be a successor to the struggling Wii U. The console might hit the market as soon …

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