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UK Retailers say sub £200 price essential for Nintendo NX success

Nintendo is looking to put itself back on the map next year with the launch of the NX. However, it will be a tough fight given the popularity of the Xbox One and PS4 right now. Now a group of UK-based games retailers have weighed in on Nintendo’s options, saying that a sub £200 price point will be “essential” to the console’s success.

In a survey conducted by MCV, UK retailers seemed to agree that Nintendo needs to heavily undercut the current prices of the Xbox One and PS4, which tend to sell between £250 and £300 at the moment.

Nintendo NX Concept

One major buyer who took part in the survey told MCV that the “games industry sorely misses a strong Nintendo” and that the NX could be “exactly what the market needs”. If the price can be kept down, then the NX could get off to a stronger start than the 3DS and the Wii U.

Right now, Nintendo is being very quiet on the NX, though a recent leak pointed towards it packing an Nvidia Tegra SoC for horsepower. The leak also corresponded with previous reports that the NX would double as a portable device, with detachable controllers and a dock for when you want to play on the TV.

KitGuru Says: If Nintendo can get the price for the NX below £200, then it could end up being a huge seller, like the 3DS. However, I do wonder how feasible that price point would be. If the Nintendo NX ended up costing less than £200, would you buy one? Do you think Nintendo needs to undercut the Xbox One and PS4 to sell well?

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