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Update: Newegg clears up lawsuit email confusion

As we reported last night, this week, Newegg began sending out emails to Nvidia GTX 980, GTX 960 and even AMD R9 graphics card buyers, talking about a class-action lawsuit settlement. This was quite the surprise as we had never heard of any lawsuits occurring over these GPUs specifically and now, Newegg has cleared things up by sending out email updates stating that no class-action lawsuits are under way and it was all a big mistake.

The full email reads: “You recently received an email from us regarding a class action lawsuit related to a GeForce GTX 980 product that you purchased. This email was sent in error and was not accurate. There is no current or pending class action lawsuit related to the product that you purchased. We apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused”.


AMD had already confirmed last night that there was no lawsuit or settlement regarding R9-series graphics cards, so we knew that one was a mistake. However, given the recent GTX 970 lawsuit settlement, there was some speculation surrounding the GTX 960 and GTX 980 emails. We now know that neither of these two GPUs were part of a lawsuit, so if you received an email from Newegg saying otherwise, you should just ignore it.

KitGuru Says: Many were puzzled when they first saw the lawsuit emails from Newegg but at least now we have some answers. I do wonder how such a mistake was made in the first place though. Did any of you guys receive one of these emails from Newegg? 

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