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Google employee hints at Android Key Lime Pie

We have known for a while now that Key Lime Pie would follow in the wake of Jelly Bean. After all, in order to keep with their dessert inspired naming scheme, what other desserts start with ‘k’? Not many and it does appear that Key Lime Pie was the chosen one.

Google employee Manu Cornet has confirmed the name of the next version of Android to be Key Lime Pie. This is largely assumed to also be known as Android 5.0. Cornet drew a picture showing the evolution of Android displaying this.

We know nothing about Android Key Lime Pie apart from its version number likely being 5.0 and it will likely be unveiled at Google I/O next Summer.

KitGuru says: Well that’s one way of dispersing information about a piece of software that is six months away.

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