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A handful of videogame movies could be just round the corner

With the impending release of Wreck-It Ralph next year, it looks like Hollywood is beginning to consider video games a part of our culture that’s worth talking about. First we had Seth Rogen who said he was looking to write a movie about the Sega vs Nintendo years and now we have Valve registering up domain names that suggest it has plans for a few video game features too.

Reddit was of course, first on the scene when it came to the new Valve domains, claiming that it was the company’s IT Manager Chris Grinstead, who was behind the registrations of FreeToPlayTheMovie.com, AheadOfTheGameMovie.com and AheadOfTheGameTheMovie.com. Currently there is absolutely nothing to see at these domains so I won’t even bother linking them – they literally resolve to nothing.

Wreck it Ralph
Wreck it Ralph has been out in the US for over a month but won't show up here until next year

However, this does let us speculate and get the old rumour mill turning. It’s also pretty exciting as movies about games are few and far between. Most take the in-game universe and make it a reality, so even when we get  Mortal Kombat (who isn’t playing the theme in their head right now?) or Tomb Raider, games themselves are never mentioned. That’s probably why documentaries like King of Kong are so beloved, because they’re actually about gaming.

It sounds like Valve’s potential movies will be about the gaming aspect too, though whether we’re looking at fictional characters for these, or documentaries remains to be seen. The latter would make the most sense since the Half Life developer has already released a twenty minute documentary on the subject of competitive gaming in DOTA 2.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eqk9C1wVT0U#!’]

KitGuru Says: Does anyone have a favourite video game movie that actually involves video games? There aren’t that many out there. You could argue the latest Tron movie would fit into that category, but you might have to go back to The Wizard for a second choice.

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