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US net firm to regulate new domain suffixes

Ever wished your personal site was [yourname].bike? What about [yourhobby].guru? Or .financial? Those are some options you’ll have starting today, as US net firm Donuts has begun the regulation of the new domain suffixes, as well as allowing other domain registrars to sell them to people like you and me. …

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Google not a fan of Bitch magazine


While Google might be ranked up there as one of the top companies to work for in the world, partly for its progressive stance on employment, it isn’t quite so forward thinking when it comes to language – denying certain groups Google accounts when they try and use a domain …

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Google vs Doogle


Google has fired off a legal notice to online job search site, Doogle, suggesting that because of the similarities in name, it is harmful to the company’s brand. The owner of Doogle, 22 year old Andries Maree Van Der Merwe, believes he has every right to continue its operation and …

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